Tips for Hiring the Best Home Inspector

Remember, a home inspection is only as good as your inspector's training and work ethic.

Ask the inspector if he is certified. Mississippi does not require a home inspector to be certified.

Ask the inspector how long he thinks the job will take. The average home inspection duration nationally is three to four hours; in the Pine Belt it is less than two!

Ask the inspector if he goes on roofs, if she goes all the way through attics or under-house crawl spaces, if he pulls electrical panel covers (dead fronts), if she tests appliances (not required by SOP), A/C and heat units, and electrical outlets (plugins), including all GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters). Only your better home inspectors will go above and beyond!

Ask the inspector if you can be present for the inspection and ask questions.

Ask the inspector if the inspection report has pictures and when you will receive the report. In order to save time and effort, some inspectors have stopped including pictures. Not good.

Ask the inspector if he offers any guarantees.

I inspect EVERY home as if my wife and I were buying it ourselves!

I inspect EVERY home as if my wife and I were buying it ourselves!

Tips for Getting Ready for Your Home Inspection

Contact Devine Home Inspections, LLC

I will ask you a few easy questions to determine the cost of the inspection, the location of the house, and the time of the inspection. You will need to sign a Pre-inspection Agreement. I will email this to you or you can sign it at the inspection. Also, payment is due before or at the time of the inspection via cash, check, or credit cards.


You or your realtor will need to make sure that all of the utilities (water, gas, electricity) are turned on, pilot lights (if any) are lit, and all electrical breakers are in the "On" position. Very important!  Home inspectors are not allowed to light pilot lights or "flip" breakers.



To get the most out of your professional home inspection, if the house is occupied it is advisable to have your realtor ask the sellers to make sure no items are blocking the electrical panels, the water heaters, the attic entrance, inside the attic, or other areas. Home inspectors are not allowed to move personal belongings.


Although not required, it always better for you or your representative to be present at the inspection or at the conclusion so that you can ask questions and better understand the issues affecting your important purchase. I am more than happy to remain after the inspection to answer your questions. A typical home inspection will take between 2 1/2 and 4 hours. No rush jobs and no "soft" inspections with Devine Home Inspections, LLC.


My inspection reports are the best in the business!  Professional, very detailed, yet easy to understand, with fantastic explanations and colorful pictures; you will learn so much!  I will email you a link to your report within 24 hours of the inspection (usually by the next morning).


With your permission, I will email a copy of the professional inspection report to your realtor so that you can "get your heads together" as to how the report affects your real estate transaction.

Don't worry, be happy .... We're here to help!

Don't worry, be happy .... We're here to help!

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