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Pre-listing Inspection (Seller Inspection)

Get ahead of the game

A pre-listing home inspection reveals to the sellers valuable information about the state of their home before the sale when the buyers will likely hire their own inspector. This gives the sellers:  

1) time to make needed repairs that might otherwise kill the deal

2) an opportunity to exhibit transparency to future buyers, 

3) the potential to speed up the selling process, 4) the probability of adding important value to your house and thus, your asking price!

Buyer Inspection

This all-important, full home inspection is designed to protect the buyers from visually observed issues with their potential new home that may cause problems and cost money. This inspection covers the following items: Foundation, Crawl Spaces, Exterior, Roof, Interior, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Electrical, Appliances, and much, much more. There are important limitations and exclusions. See "A Professional Inspection" link at top of page for more information.  

Annual Home Condition Inspection

This important annual Inspection is designed to keep the homeowners informed on the condition of their home. Not a full home inspection (and thus not a full fee), it identifies potential issues that need to be addressed. A well-maintained home is a more valuable, less expensive, and safer home. 

Duplexes, Triplexes, Multifamily Home Inspection

Multiple units mean multiple kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, etc.  The pricing is based on the total square footage and the number of units. Take the price for the total square footage and add $50 for each unit (see "FEES" button at top of page).

Apartment/Condo/Townhouse Interior-only Inspection

Typically, condo and townhouse inspections do not include areas covered by the homeowners' association (e.g. roof, siding, attic, and crawl space). Therefore the home inspection fee is reduced. If the home buyer prefers that all areas be inspected, the price is the same as a Single-family Home Inspection.  

Mobile Home Inspection

Mobile Homes present unique inspection issues, however the fee is the same as a single-family home inspection except there is no additional charge for the under-house crawl space inspection.  

Detached Structure Inspection

Detached structures (e.g. workshops, tool sheds, barns) are typically not included in a home inspection. They can be added for additional fees (see "FEES" button at top of page).

Mold and Wood-destroying Insects Courtesy Inspection

As a courtesy to the client, a full home inspection includes a free visual and cursory examination for the presence of mold and wood-destroying insects. However, we are not licensed specialists in these areas and always refer clients to professionals who are. 

No warranties are implied or expressed and no liabilities are accepted for mold and insects.


Prior to Closing, many home buyers and some lenders prefer for the home inspector to verify that certain defects uncovered in the initial inspection have been repaired properly. These services often require the inspector to traverse the attic crawl space and suit up for the under-house inspection.   







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