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This truly is a game-changer for the home inspection industry! This guarantee offers peace of mind to the nervous home buyer. I provide it, at no cost, with every home inspection that I perform. 

Hiring a good home inspector doesn't COST SAVES you


Hiring a good home inspector is a sound investment. In addition to peace of mind, the fee (and more) is often "recouped" when discovered issues are repaired by the seller, issues that may have gone unnoticed until after the home purchase. 

"Hey, if it works ...."


Can You Imagine How Cold the Seat Is?!


Thank Goodness for Duct Tape


"Walk like an Egyptian ...."


Handyman Special


"Honey, I fixed the leak!"

Ho, Ho, Oh No!


Hey, Santa! You Ok?

Life Savers!


The new year is a good time to make sure you have smoke detectors installed in the hallway leading to bedrooms, in each bedroom, on each level, and in any attached garage. One in the attic is not a bad idea. The cheapest life insurance there is!  

Ladder Woes


Wives check on your husbands as they take down the Christmas lights ... just sayin' ...

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Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam's Fire Escape in the Home!